When thinking of houses, nothing beats the luxury of a sprawling front porch - . It's the place where you can relax enjoy the breeze, delight in watching your kids play in the front lawn or simply savor a good novel. A comfortable front porch can become your personal haven.

I moved into a new house last summer. I fell in love with the house immediately, mainly because of the front porch. I love sitting on a front porch and reading, enjoying the sounds of being outdoors, and enjoying the weather we're having. My new house seemed to have the perfect front porch for that. Plus, the best part was that my new front porch was large enough to not only put some lounging outdoor furniture but a table and chairs as well. I was in heaven. You can see for seo jobs in london.

Once we moved in, I found that the sounds of the outdoors only seemed to come from all of my neighbors. Their conversations were always loud, they'd yell back and forth from their own front porches and kids were forever outside playing.

Sitting out on my front porch was not as enjoyable as I had perceived it would be. The gentleman who lives across from me believes that anytime we are out on our front porch, it is an invitation to come over and talk forever.

He never has anything important to say, but evidently he is just bored with life. Even if I have my nose buried in a book and act like I could care less about what he's saying, he doesn't get the hint. He'll waddle over to our front porch and make himself comfortable. It drives me crazy. I avoided my front porch for months because I was so annoyed with the situation.

Finally, I realized that it was pathetic. I bought my house to enjoy, not to lock myself inside. I needed to think of a way to be out on my front porch and be less noticeable. After a few weeks of debate, I decided to get those sun shades that you can pull up or put down.

I figured that if they were down when I was outside, it would block the neighbor's view of my front porch and maybe help in drowning out some of the noise. I installed them immediately. That evening, I decided to attempt my new strategy. I pulled the shades down as far as they could go. Then, I snuggled down into my lounge chair and began to read.

I managed to read for almost a half hour before my neighbor popped his head behind the shades. I almost threw my book at him. He asked about the shades and I honestly told him it was so that I could have more privacy when out on my front porch and not be bothered so often. He seemed to ponder that for a moment and then left. I smiled. Maybe my front porch would be what I had hoped it would be, after all.

So if you've ever experienced a similar situation, please accept my condolences. However don't despair because there are ways and means to keep your front porch for yourself. Remember this is your zone, your sanctuary so if sun shades aren't your cup of tea perhaps you can have a specially designed sign made.